Jr NTR’s Badminton Skills Exposed By Cinematographer

Always known for his dancing skills, extraordinary ability to tell pages of dialogue in front of the camera, and his talent as an actor to pull off any emotion with ease, Jr NTR is a treat for Telugu cinema. However, many wonder where would he draw his energy from. Looks like the iconic cinematographer of films like Baahubali and RRR has an answer for this.

In a recent conversation, RRR cinematographer Senthil stated that he was amazed by Jr NTR’s energy on the sets while they were filming the actor’s introduction sequence in the worldwide acclaimed film RRR which won an Oscar in the Best Song category for Naatu Naatu. “The sequence has NTR being chased by different animals, finally a tiger.

When we rolled the camera, NTR was so fast that I was shocked and exclaimed how is he able to run faster than the camera, and in a jiffy?”, says Senthil. He then added, “When I checked with NTR, he stated that his fitness is the reason. He used to play badminton during his teenage years at the state and national level and that’s the reason he is so athletic, fit and fast”.

Well, Jr NTR is a trained Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancer, while he’s also a badminton player, which sums up how he draws his energy. Fans are feeling quite ecstatic after knowing this unheard side of Tarak anyway!