Ram Charan Has Mega Doubts On RRR Intro Scene

In recent times, Mega hero Ram Charan never got such a powerful intro sequence as the one he has done for SS Rajamouli’s RRR. To cut the chase, his intro is something he deals with beating 2000 odd Indians, who are waiting outside a Delhi police station. Charan appears as a police officer under British rule, and the actor has many doubts about this sequence they say.

As Charan fought 100 people in Magadheera’s iconic fight, this time, Rajamouli wanted bigger for him and had 2000 people around for the “RRR” intro sequence. It is coming out that Charan is worried about how would people receive an Indian beating Indians, as that might create negativity around him. However, Rajamouli is said to be confident that the character arc of Ramaraju will pay off big time in the end, if it has this negative shade in the beginning.

All this was revealed by cinematographer Senthil Kumar as he feels that this particular scene gives a feeling that they are doing something that is not done on the Indian screen so far. “As shooting action sequences takes lots of time, this particular sequence shot at a specially erected set in Ramoji Film City took nearly 30 days. Charan’s expression is more of someone in that meditative state, who is beating his fellow Indians mechanically but not emotionally, and the challenge is to capture it. We captured it well, due to an extensive pre-production plan” he says.

Well, the sequence has its inspiration from the likes of ‘Battle of Bastards’ in Game Of Thrones, but SS Rajamouli made sure that he carved it out in his own style and impactfully.