Priyadarshi’s marriage kastalu with Darling

After the sensational Pan India hit Hanu-Man, producer K Niranjan Reddy is coming up with a completely different film featuring Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh. Ashwin Ram wields the megaphone for the movie made under PrimeShow Entertainment with Smt Chaitanya as the presenter.

Darling is the title and Why This Kolaveri is the tagline locked for the movie which had its first look and glimpse revealed today. While the first look poster shows Priyadarshi’s marriage proposal to Nabha, the glimpse shows their lives after marriage. He defines how the approach of a girl changes, in different phases such as a mother, a sister, a lover, and as a wife.

What makes this narrative uniquely humorous is the inclusion of Mahesh Babu’s Amma song, Pawan Kalyan’s Chelli song, and Prabhas’ romantic song to describe the qualities of women as a mother, sister, and lover. The fight between Darshi and Nabha illustrates their routine, after marriage.

Ashwin Ram impresses with the title announcement glimpse alone. Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh portrayed their characters authentically. The movie has music by Vivek Sagar and cinematography by Naresh.