Bhaje Vaayu Vegam Teaser: A twisted murder investigation

Bhaje Vaayu Vegam is one of the upcoming films in Telugu and it features Karthikeya in the lead role. The film unit launched the teaser today which has got a lot of gripping elements.

As per the teaser, the premise is set against an interesting backdrop, where the lead actor is entangled in a drug case and a murder investigation. The plot has got multiple layers to it and it showcases the action elements. It looks like the team tried to project a commercial potbolier, yet again for Karthikeya.

UV Creations bankrolls the project and it has grand production values. The technical side of the teaser is solid. Radhan’s music is likely to enhance the overall impact of the narrative. The teaser also had the presence of ‘Happy Days’ Rahul in a key role.

The team did not reveal too many details about the film but there is some mystery that is to be unfolded. On the whole, the teaser looks okay and it is too early to come to a conclusion on the film.