Very Very Dry Period At Box Office

Box Office usually experiences a slump during February and March every year. But, it picks up as soon as Summer holidays begin. Surprisingly, the Summer is very dry this year. Comparatively, last year is much better. There are multiple reasons for the decline in the interest of audiences for new releases. At the same time, there are no notable releases in theatres.

Parijatha Parvam is one film that was released this week. Along with it, some small films like Tenant, Theppa Samudram also made it to theatres. However, these films utterly disappointed the audiences from the morning shows itself. Hence, in some areas, there are show cancellations reported.

Tillu Square, Manjummel Boys continue their successful run at the box office. They are inching towards the closure of theatrical run. On the other hand, there is no solid lineup that interest the audiences. Films like Sasivadane, Love Me and others got postponed.

Although there are no interesting films lined up, there is alternative entertainment available in the form of IPL. Especially, Sun Risers Hyderabad is performing well this season and the audiences are showing good interest in cricket. On the top of that, the election fever also takes over the Summer.

It all takes another one and a half month to properly see the box office picking up fire.