NTR’s Disaster Film – Chota vs Harish Shankar

Chota K Naidu Harish Shankar

Some unexpected talk in an interview might go viral at any time and that’s what happened with cinematographer Chota K Naidu the other day. The super talented senior cameraman, who is also known for his pretty-high remuneration, has other day made comments about director Harish Shankar, which are not only controversial but actually made the latter respond as well.

In response to a question, Chota said in a video interview that he will do his job creatively always if the director gives him that space. But if directors don’t give that space, then he will simply compromise and deliver what the director is asking. While saying this, he quoted Harish Shankar as an example saying that during Jr NTR’s Ramayya Vastavayya times back in 2013, the director used to interfere in his work a lot. Due to Harish’s interference, Chota stopped giving ideas and simply delivered what Harish asked for in that movie.

Reacting to this video, Harish Shankar released a note on his Twitter, where he stated that despite everyone giving him approval to kick off Chota from Ramayya Vastayya, he didn’t do it because of his admiration towards the senior cameraman’s craft. Harish asked Chota to stop talking about him, which otherwise he warned of a strong retort on any platform at any given time.

While Harish has a talented cinematographer like Ayanaka Bose cranking camera for his Ustaad Bhagat Singh and Mr Bachhan, Chota K Naidu is currently the eye for Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Vishwabhara.