Double ISMART Teaser: Fire Crackling Craziness

The wait is over. The much-awaited Dimaakikirikiri teaser of Ram Pothineni and Puri Jagannadh’s Double ISMART is out now. The teaser that introduces all the main characters in the movie surely lives up to all the hype around it.

Typically, like Puri’s movies, Double ISMART which is a sequel to iSmart Shankar is a character-driven movie where the protagonist appears in a badass character, while the set-up is much bigger compared to the prequel. He is mostly seen flirting with girls, fighting with goons, and doing other things that give him pleasure. He stumbles upon a gangster (Sanjay Dutt) who introduces himself as a big bull.

Fire crackling craziness is what is witnessed in the teaser. Not just the action part, but as the teaser promises, the movie will have double entertainment and double mass madness.

Ram played the role of Double ISMART effortlessly with a strong screen presence, body language, and diction. He indeed mastered the Hyderabad dialect. Puri must be appreciated for writing the character so remarkably. The dialogues hit like bullets.

Sanjay Dutt makes his presence felt as the main antagonist. The teaser also introduced Kavya Thapar as the lead actress. It’s good to see Ali in Puri’s mark witty character.

Technically, the teaser looks solid, with Sam K Naidu and Gianni Gianneli’s brilliant camera work, and Mani Sharma’s terrific background score. The theme score elevates heroism to another level. The production standards of Puri Connects are majestic. The last portions designate the grandeur in making. That episode in particular indicates this movie will have a grand climax.

Overall, the teaser is a perfect birthday gift, and it indeed sets huge expectations for the movie that will have a Pan India release.