A Good Sign And Bad Sign For Jabardasth Hero

Treading in the same lines that of ‘Jabardasth’ star Sudigali Sudheer, his colleague Getup Sreenu also turned to play a protagonist on the silver screen.

He is coming up with the movie “Raju Yadav” which was supposed to hit cinemas today (May 17th) but was postponed to May 24th as some of the single-screen theatres in Telangana are shut down. 

Surely the postponement of Raju Yadav by a week is both a good sign and a bad sign for the Jabardasth star who is trying to make it big at the box office.

The good sign is that, with Telangana’s single screens shut, surely even a good talk won’t help the film get many collections. That’s why the postponement is good for him as the film would stand a chance to make it big from May 24th. 

But the bad sign is that on the 25th there is Dil Raju’s “Love Me” movie, and then on the 31st May there are a plethora of releases including Vishwaksen’s Gangs Of Godavari and Sudheer Babu’s Haromhara while Anand Devarakonda’s Gam Gam Ganesha and Kajal’s Satyabhama also eyed the same date.

Can Getup Sreenu face this multi-dimensional pressure from heroes popular than him is the question.