Selected Criticism On Sandeep Vanga But Not Sanjay Bhansali?

The selected favouritism and selected criticism in the film industry is a dangerous trend. Often times, the media and the critics become biased and also turn blind-eyed to some aspects. Now, a similar instance is being witnessed in the industry. When Sandeep Vanga made Animal, a lot of feminists and the industry biggies took digs at his thought process.

But when Sanjay Leela Bhansali made similar comments, about his show Heeramandi, no one is acting serious on him. The web series reportedly did not bring in much traction and viewership.

However, talking about the show, he said, “To me, Heeramandi was the most romantic place. I come from that world.”

At the same time, Bhansali also made some sexist comments, saying, “I see prostitutes as enigmatic and powerful women. They sing, dance, and express their emotions through art. They understand living, architecture, fabric, and jewelry. They are true connoisseurs of art. Middle-class women standing in ration lines don’t fascinate me.”

Based on these comments, the Vanga supporters are commenting that no one wants to condemn him because of several reasons but what he said is outrightly objectionable. Some are even pointing out that legends like Syam Benegal made movies on middle class lives and they remain classics.

But the debate has started, comparing the selected criticism towards Vanga but not on Bhansali.