Sudheer Babu Escapes From Crowd On May 31st

Tollywood is gearing up for a packed release date on May 31st, with several highly anticipated movies scheduled to hit the screens simultaneously. Films like ‘Gangs of Godavari’, ‘Bhaje Vaayu Vegam’, ‘Satyabhama’, and ‘Gam Gam Ganesha’ are set to battle it out at the box office on the same day. However, the decision to release multiple films on May 31st has raised concerns among producers, leading Sudheer Babu to postpone his movie ‘Harom Hara’ to a later date.

The primary reason behind Sudheer Babu’s decision is the potential impact of the upcoming Andhra Pradesh state elections. With exit polls scheduled for release on June 1st and the final results expected on June 4th, there are apprehensions that the public’s attention might shift away from cinema immediately after the 31st. Sudheer Babu, recognizing the over-crowded date and the need for a more strategic release window, has opted to postpone ‘Harom Hara’ to June 14th. This move allows the film to have a better chance of success amidst the crowded release date and the anticipated distractions caused by the election coverage.

On the other hand, even a couple of other movies are also likely to shift the dates as per the earlier report, but now only Harom Hara made it official.