Viral Details About The Rave Party Shocking All

Rave parties are generally known as dance parties that have mostly blended with a youth-oriented culture with drugs and alcohol involved. They are more private than any other party. But there seems to be a wider and more deeper meaning if we have to understand the most recent one raided by the Bengaluru police.

It was all over the news that the police busted a rave party in Bengaluru. There are several videos showing a lot of men and women coming out of the farmhouse covering their faces. Bengaluru police also said that Telugu actress Hema was present among many others at the rave party.

Hema denied her presence and there are contradictory statements from the police. Putting that story aside, many folks on the internet are startled by the ‘so-called’ happenings at a ‘Rave Party’.

The first shocking factor is that the entry fees for this big-shot rave party are said to be a whopping 50 lakh rupees. One wonders why it would cost such a big amount for each person if it is just for drugs and alcohol.

A few viral posts on social media say that these rave parties are actually more of s3x parties along woth drugs and alcohol with no restrictions after a point. The party ‘Sunset to Sunrise Victory’ is heard to be planned to go all night with exactly 100 members including the women. While the rumored details appear ‘exaggerated’ with more of ‘fantasy’ stuff, a lot on the internet are wondering if it is for real.

Meawnhile, another actress Aashi Roy reveals she was there for a birthday party but does not know anything about the said rave party. When questioned by a media house, Aashi Roy denies seeing Hema at the party, though she admits she and Hema are just aquaintances. Aashi Roy says the police collected samples from all of them and no one was detained during the raid.