Can Getup Srinu Repeat Sudigali Sudheer?

A lot of comedians turned mainstream actors and created a market for themselves in Tollywood. Be it Sunil, Srinivas Reddy, or even Vennela Kishore, everyone made a name for themselves. Especially those who shot to fame with the Jabardasth TV show and did well in movies. Sudigali Sudheer is an example. Now, Getup Srinu is going to test his luck with his upcoming film Raju Yadav.

Raju Yadav, starring Getup Srinu, tells the story of a man whose life gets complicated when an accident causes a rare facial disorder that always leaves him smiling. The makers launched the theatrical trailer already which clearly conveys the central theme.

With a perfect blend of comedy, suspense, and drama, the film offers a fresh take on light-hearted drama. Getup Srinu needs no introduction as he is already popular, but what is to be seen is if the audiences would turn up in theatres.

Srinu was last seen in a couple of Chiranjeevi’s movies and his role in HanuMan brought him huge attention and recognition. Even before that, his skits in Jabardasth became popular and his pieces are widely circulated in the meme community. Although he enjoys a popularity on social media, we are unsure if that gets translated into box office numbers.

Even for someone like Sapthagiri and Sudigali Sudheer, it took them multiple films for getting themselves established. So, Getup Srinu is someone with a clean comedy image and even his film’s trailer looks interesting, with a proper story.

So, it is going to be a testing time for ‘Raju Yadav’ aka ‘Getup Srinu’.