Should Tollywood Focus On Low Budget Movies Again?

Imagine producing a film with this YouTuber who has proved himself as an actor as well. While he charges ₹2 crores as remuneration, the making cost of the film is somewhere between ₹5-7 crores and the marketing spend to release the movie is another ₹2 crores simply. And that’s the cheapest film Telugu producers could make right now, which is adversely affecting box office fortunes.

Today it has come to a situation where every star wants to make only pan-India movies and big producers want to make only films that cost them a minimum of ₹30 crores. Perhaps that is the reason they can’t make films quickly and bring them to theatres.

But if they make films under ₹2 crores budget, with limited crew and interesting subjects, surely they would wrap the shoot in under a month and bring it to theatres in 3 months from the announcement. If they do that, there will be no death of movies in a viable Summer season and there will be no need to shut down single-screen theatres for 10 days.

Of course, still, there are those who are making films under ₹2 crores budget but they are focusing on padding artists and glamour, and trying to sell them off to satellite channels, but not actually making content that is worth for theatrical exhibition.

Back in 2000s, we have the likes of Sekhar Kammula and directors like Maruthi a decade ago making such small-budgeted movies and scoring big wins.