Vaishnavi Cleared Rumours About Her Background

Looks like Dil Raju & co are aiming to end the dry spell at their theatres with their upcoming release Love Me, scheduled to hit theatres on May 25, 2024. Love Me, also known as Love Me – ‘If You Dare’, stars Ashish and Vaishnavi Chaitanya in the lead roles. The film, a romantic entertainer with supernatural shades, is written and directed by novelist-turned-filmmaker Arun Bhimavarapu. Love Me also boasts of impressive technicians like PC Sreeram, MM Keeravani and Avinash Kolla helming the cinematography, music and production design departments respectively.

While Ashish and Vaishnavi come from different backgrounds, the actors share a love for dancing. After discovering their calling to be an actor from their passion towards dancing as children and entering the industry, has their relationship with dance change over the years? Vaishnavi maintains that retaining interest towards the craft is key for performing well, saying, “I always enjoy dance. To this day, I dance with a lot of joy and happiness. Nothing has changed for me.” Ashish, on the other hand, states that a career in cinema has helped him polish his skills as a dancer, saying, “I used to dance a lot as a kid at family events. Dancing came naturally to me because I was flexible. Working in the movies introduced me to preparation and technique. My skills were carved on the sets.”

The actors emphasize that their film is more than a horror film. Vaishnavi says, “Everyone has this side to their personality that is hidden from others, that they want to hide from others. The film taps into these inner dimensions of its characters through the lens of some not-so-normal situations. And you get to witness this narrative at play through the beautiful visuals of PC Sreeram and the music of the legendary MM Keeravani.” Ashish adds, “Love Me is a pure love story. Horror is an element in the story. Every character in the film has a lesson to deliver to the audience, including our beloved ghost.”

Ashish, who made his debut with Rowdy Boys in 2022. Responding to a question on how he dealt with the negativity surrounding his entry in films, given his filmy background, Ashish says, “Raju garu does not easily give an opportunity to anyone, including his own relatives. Before passing the approval test of the audience, I passed the test of my uncle’s judgement. I don’t care about anybody else’s opinion beyond that.”

Vaishnavi also used the interview to clear some rumours about her background. The actress, who faced some flak from netizens about her Telangana accent said, “Lots of people on the internet keep saying that I am from Vijayawada. That is not true. I am from Hyderabad, my family lives in Chandrayangutta in the old city.”