Eccentric Details Of Futuristic Car Bujji From Kalki 2898 AD

The Kalki 2898 AD star Prabhas introduced Bujji the character car from the movie to the world. The car just left the onlookers in awe of its size and make. In the latest video, Auto Car India Magazine revealed the eccentric details about the car.

While they all say it is certainly made out of the future, the details prove it right. With the front wheels almost to the height of the presenter’s shoulder, they are of length 6075 mm, width 3380 mm, and height 2186 mm.

The wheels are hubless and the outer rims have bearings with which they function. The car itself has a canopy and also the tires are specially made by the CEAT. The car was made by Mahindra and Jayem Motors based in Coimbatore.

The Kern weight is 6 tonnes. The dystopian-looking car is leaving car enthusiasts much more curious than ever with a power of 94 kW, torque of 9800 nm, and a battery of 47 kWh. Meanwhile Anand Mahindra revealed that it was made with powerstrain configuration, architecture and performance simulated.

In the movie, Prabhas builds this car with his hands himself. The rear part has a chamber where Prabhas puts the prisoners. In the back, there is one big single wheel which is shown as a spherical wheel that rotates in all directions.

For now, the details about Bujji grabbed all the attention and it has to be seen what more Kalki 2898 AD brings in the promotions before the release.