Tollywood keenly awaits ‘Love Me’ Result

Tollywood’s box office is currently facing a slump, and no proper entertainment film is available to audiences. The trade is hoping to see a revival of the box office.

With IPL coming to an end this week, the producers are hoping that people will turn back to theatres. In this context, a new film, Love Me If You Dare, is creating a special interest at the box office.

The Telugu film, directed by Arun Bhimavarapu and starring Ashish and Vaishnavi Chaitanya, is going to offer solid entertainment to audiences. Billed to be a horror drama, the film has a variety of concepts. The team promoted the film so well and the makers pinned big expectations on the project.

The entire team is expressing confidence that the movie will become a blockbuster. Dil Raju, the film’s producer, is also displaying great confidence that the film will draw grand openings. Some small films worked well despite not having a star cast.

The team is assuring that it is technically strong and it is being released on a decent number of screens. On the other hand, if this film becomes a hit, it will help other films like Gangs of Godavari, Bhaje Vayu Vegam, and Gam Gam Ganesha. The positive response to Love Me will leave a big impact on other films.