May 31 BO: Young heroes fighting to revive box office

Tollywood box office is hoping for a big revival in the dry season. As the IPL entertainment is coming to an end now, the movie lovers are hoping for a bright season in the coming days. Dil Raju’s Love Me was released today and for the month-end, there are multiple releases scheduled at the box office.

Vishwaksen’s Gangs of Godavari is gearing up for a grand release on the 31st of May. Starring Neha Shetty and Anjali, the film is directed by Chaitanya Krishna.The film is creating a buzz already and there are good expectations in the film.

Karthikeya’s Bhaje Vayuvegam is also one of the exciting films that is lined up for the day. UV Creations is backing the film which may attract the audiences in big way.

After Baby, Anand Deverakonda is also coming up with an interesting movie titled Gam Gam Ganesh. The film is also lined up for the big day, on 31st May. The film’s trailer looks good and there are good expectations on the film.

Irrespective of the buzz surrounding these movies, they will definitely catch the attention of viewers. There is an opinion that the government will change in Andhra Pradesh in the first week and we have to see if it will have any impact on the box office.