Godavari Hit Ayithe, There Is Nothing To Look Back

Gangs Of Godavari

Other day the trailer of Mass Ka Dass Vishwaksen’s latest movie “Gangs Of Godavari” got released.

While the film has entered the hall of fame for its postponements earlier, finally it is hitting cinemas on May 31st without any further changes in the date. Going by the trailer, trade pundits are expecting only one thing to happen.

The trailer is full of ‘oora’ mass stuff, though Vishwaksen’s Godavari accent or modulation is not so authentic. However, it looks like the young hero is fully capable of pulling off a mass movie with ease, and he would be considered a dependable hero if this movie worked.

Trade pundits think that none of the young heroes we have at the moment are actually capable of doing a proper-mass movie and their mass-attempts to make one also failed.

In case if Vishwak succeeds with “Gangs Of Godavari” surely he would open a new terminal towards mass journey for himself. Will he do it?

Going by the way director-writer Krishna Chaitanya carved out this content, surely Vishwaksen might do the unthinkable and never look back. Let’s see what happens.