Salaar 2 Rumours: Prabhas & Neel Can’t Stop Laughing

Well, ever since the announcement of the #NTRNeel movie, various rumours are popping up on “Salaar 2” which was supposed to go to floors in June itself without the hero taking part in the shoot.

And a Telugu media house stated that due to extreme creative differences between Superstar Prabhas and star director Prashant Neel. Well, the makers know how to keep these rumours in check.

Sharing a picture shot during the times of “Salaar”, the production house Hombale Films wrote on their official social media page, “They can’t stop laughing 😁”. And itself clarifies that they are laughing out at all those rumours of Salaar 2 being shelved.

In fact, Prashant Neel is said to have already shot 30% of the footage that belongs to Salaar 2, and he will be kickstarting the shoot on Bobby Simha and Shriya Reddy very soon.

On that note, if Salaar 2 shoot is starting, then the shooting of #NTRNeel might not start as expected but will get delayed. Okay, let’s see if Hombale Films puts up another meme or punch to clarify this new project as well.