Kalki 2898 AD: Get Ready For Selfies With Bujji

The first ever biggest promotional stunt of Superstar Prabhas’ “Kalki 2898 AD” happened in the form of “Bujji” car revelation at Ramoji Film City.

Later, many automobile-related reviewers and magazines reviewed Bujji and featured those videos. Then came Naga Chaitanya who has taken the driver’s seat in this ₹5 crores worth car, and took it out for a spin too. Here comes the next.

Reports are coming out that the makers of Kalki are super happy with the response showered upon this futuristic car. Now, they want to give the public a selfie with Bujji, and that’s the reason they are planning for this massive promotional tour of the car across some happening Indian cities. They want to show the car, and the director along with some of the crew members might attend these events.

Unlike a hero and heroine doing the promotions, a special asset from the film promoting the movie is something we see in Hollywood. It’s good to see that director Nag Ashwin is coming up with such an international range of ideas to promote the movie. Kalki 2898 AD hits cinemas on June 27, 2024.