An Almost Washed Out Sunday For Tollywood

Gone are the days when Sundays are considered to be the best rewarding days for films as audiences usually flock to theatres even though the films are not so good. These days, for obvious reasons, Sundays are not registering crowds and this Sunday is the disaster ka baap of all such days. 

Say it due to the IPL Finale match that is taking place on May 26th between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan Royals, the mood in most of the Telugu households is to catch up with the match only. Whether it is at houses, cafes or mass watching at some special screenings, many Telugu folks have decided to catch up from the afternoon itself to catch the match.

That said, even films like Raju Yadav and Love Me, which have been released in the last two days, haven’t impressed critics and audiences alike. They do not have the potential to register huge crowds, but they might get some attention from people who would love to watch the cinema on a Sunday no matter what.

All these reasons are anyway making this Sunday a washout when it comes to the matinee and first show, and if the match ends up late at around 10 pm, then second shows will also get ruled out.