‘Kashmir Files’ Producer Going Unexplored Way

One of the happening producers, Abhishek Agarwal, who has carved out the super popular ‘The Kashmir Files’, has once again stunned the film fraternity with his stunning decision. This time, he has brought a film in sign-language, thereby stunning the audience and here is what is going to happen now.

Reportedly, it is the producer’s call to bring the Telugu film ‘Tiger Nageswara Rao’ featuring Raviteja in the lead in the ‘Indian Sign Language version’. A girl will be popping up on the screen every time there is a dialogue and will be interpreting the dialogue with signs.

This is a great thing to do because it will enable many deaf people to watch movies now irrespective of which place they hail from in the country. And we hear that a couple of upcoming films from Abhishek Aggarwal will be released even in theatres with sign-language assistance, thus enabling a section of society that is not privileged to watch films, to come to theatres.

In fact, this is a wonderful initiative to enable deaf people to watch films and that credit goes to the producer for sure. For now, this sign language film is available only on the OTT version on Amazon Prime, and the reception to it might encourage even other producers and filmmakers to add this additional feature.