Are These Two Heroines Getting Typecasted?

Back in the 90s era of Telugu cinema, once a heroine appeared in a particular type of role, surely she would get only similar roles for the rest of her career in the film industry. That happened in the cases of Soundarya, Nagma, Prema and many other starlets. And now, it looks like two heroines have immediately appeared in a similar role that got them a name, which is worrying the audience a bit.

Other Friday, the film “Love Me” got released in theatres and people got to see Vaishnavi Chaitanya in a lead role after “Baby”, while hit-machine Samyuktha Menon also appeared in a cameo after “Virupaksha”.

Surprisingly, Vaishnavi played the role of a confused lover, who loved both her friends, the hero Asish and his friend Ravi Krishna. This is akin to the role she played in Baby too. Similarly Samyuktha is seen as that dreaded ghost-like role in Virupaksha and even in this short cameo, she appeared as another version of it.

Many fans of these two actresses felt that they were being typecast in similar roles after their recent successes.