‘The Birthday Boy’: Youthful Title Glimpse

Buddy comedies are a delight to watch when youthful personalities clash and bond in hilarious ways. They are funny together more than when they are individually. ‘The Birthday Boy’ is a buddy comedy set in the US. The Telugu-language film seems to follow the ‘wish out of water’ theme wherein each buddy is thrown into situations they didn’t anticipate.

Starring Ravi Krishna, Sameer Malla, and Rajeev Kanakala, the upcoming release has Whisky wielding the megaphone. He has teamed up with an NRI producer to make this new-age film with clean humour. With the American Dream at the centre of the plot, this slice-of-life outing is going to be released later this year.

Physical humour and hilarious consequences are expected to be key highlights of the movie, whose producer has funded it by almost exhausting his savings made in the US.

Shot with live sound for a genuine atmosphere, the film has music by Prashanth Srinivas. Metin Okutay of Hollywood is doing the colour grading. Sankirth Raahul is its cinematographer. Naresh Adupa has edited the movie.