Vijay Sethupati Avoids Unwanted Elevation Perfectly

The news of Vijay Sethupathi rejecting Kriti Shetty as his heroine, upon being suggested by a director, as the actor played her father in the Telugu superhit “Uppena” is pretty old. While the incident happened in 2021, the news still comes up as a fresh one in Telugu circuits. Bored with this, the other day the talented performer gave a final clarity to Tollywood as well.

Giving him an unwanted elevation, some media folks tried to put Vijay Sethupati in a spot as well, as they compared him with other actors who acted as fathers and then got paired with the same heroine in another film. We have the likes of NTR and ANR earlier who have romanced the same heroines who appeared as their kids years ago on the screen.

Sethupati is quick to identify this fix, and he said, “I told Krithi to feel about me like her own-father during the filming of Uppena. So there is no questioning of taking her as my onscreen heroine. Other actors, might have teamed up as per story demand. It’s wrong to compare”.

Well, while this talented actor is great in his own way, let’s not insult other Telugu stars who appeared on screen in multiple role in multiple relationships but in different films.