Netizens Hit Back At Vaccinated Young T’wood Celebs

Many film celebrities from the Telugu film industry and Bollywood are getting vaccinated off-late. Them getting their first vaccine jab and the videos of the same are being posted on their respective social media accounts urging the eligible citizens to get vaccinated. Many people now were seen asking how the celebs can ‘urge’ them and how the celebs themselves are getting vaccinated?

Amid the huge scarcity of vaccines in almost all the states, the netizens are asking the film celebrities how the celebs are achieving success when they are not 45+ aged yet unless they are getting ‘special citizen’ privileges. Common people have been searching for vaccination slots with different pin-codes for hours but in vain, but the celebrities getting it with their VIP privileges are questioned by the people.

The film celebrities like Kajal Aggarwal, Lakshmi Manchu, Payal Rajput, and Rashmi Gautam took their first dose of vaccine this week and many others are also encouraging the eligible citizens to get vaccinated as soon as they get a chance.

While the netizens are expressing anguish over the celebs’ vaccination showoff and ‘urge’ citizens to get the same, few others are asking them to put this unnecessary controversy aside. Everyone should get vaccinated and in whatever way possible.