Pic Talk: Pooja Hegde’s Remarkable Bend

Pooja Hegde must be the angriest girl when she found her Instagram account hacked and when the hacker ridiculed Samantha’s looks on her Insta story. It took sometime before she could get hands back on her account, but the fans of both the actresses got into keyboard wars already.

Unlike Samantha who got into ‘sarcastic’ chat with Nandini Reddy and Chinmayi about the hack, Pooja Hegde kept it to herself earning much love and respect from fans.

Well, she is now back into her routine, and here is a stunning yoga pose by Pooja where she did a headstand bow quoting the picture with “Head over heels in love…”. That’s a cool pun with the famous idiom.

It is often heard that her discipline, professionalism, and hard work are her best assets, but her beauty and physique need to be first on that list. That’s one remarkable bend from Pooja!