Om Bheem Bush Movie Review


2Hrs 30 Min   |   Comedy   |   22-03-2024

Cast - Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Srikanth Iyengar, Racha Ravi, Ayesha Khan.

Director - Sree Harsha Konuganti

Producer - Sunil Balusu

Banner - V Celluloid

Music - Sunny MR

Sree Vishnu, Rahul Rama Krishna, and Priyadarshi enthralled us all with their Brochevarevarura earlier. Now they teamed up again for a ‘no-logic only magic’ horror comedy movie Om Bheem Bush. The trailer looked good with the promising humor of the lead cast. The movie was released today in theaters. Here is the review from US Premiere show. Let us see if their comedy spell worked.

What Is It About?

Three wastrels Krish (Sree Vishnu), Maddy (Rahul Rama Krishna), and Vinay (Priyadarshi) get their Doctorate by accident and they decide to earn money using that. They enter a village Bhairavapuram and trick the people into believing them as A-Z problem solvers Bang Bros. The agora group in the village loses their work to these Bang Bros and challenges them to find the huge treasure in the haunted ghost place “Sampangi Mahal’. The trio enters the mahal to find the treasure. What happens after that? Who is Sampangi and what is the story behind the mahal? Om Bheem Bush has these answers.


The Brochevarevarura trio once again joined forces for Om Bheem Bush and they performed really well. The comedy timing of each one of them and the conversations between them are natural. The dialogues were good and some were hilarious.

Priya Vadlamani appears just for a song and she made her presence felt with the sultry appearance. Ayesha Khan has a lengthy role and she turned many eyes on to her with her spicy looks. Preity Mukundan looks good and she did what is needed. Polimera 2 fame Kamakshi Bhaskarla’s role is limited to just one scene. Srikanth Iyengar, Racha Ravi, Adithya Menon, and others did their part.

Thumbs Up

One liners And A Few Thrills
Leading Trio’s entertainment

Thumbs Down

Old Story
Poor Graphics
Clumsy climax


Om Bheem Bush is a nonsense comedy that has its one-liners and three talented actors’ timing as assets and technical mistakes and weak story as main setbacks. The background music is alright by Sunny MR. The melodious song between Sri Vishnu and the ghost is good. The cinematography could have been better. The visual effects are not great.


The horror genre plots mostly stick to the formula of people visiting a haunted place and finding out the reason for the ghost’s anguish. This horror-comedy is not an exception but the leading trio made it a decent watch with their humor timing and funny conversations.

Om Bheem Bush deals with the ghost in a ‘mahal’ and the three folks entering it to bag the big rumored treasure in it. The first half has Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna’s silly acts to get the attention of Bhairavapuram village and most of them are passable with slapstick comedy.

Many dialogues of Sree Vishnu and Rahul Rama Krishna have puns and underlying adult humor that bring a few laughs. Since they have announced that there is no logic, there is no point in mentioning it here. The first half has that passable comedy leaving the big burden on the second half to make the audience laugh and get scared.

The second half completely runs inside the Sampangi Mahal and has a few jump scares and thrills, but the comedy goes missing. The ghost drama appears dragged in the latter half. The message they wanted to convey was presented half-baked and appears to have lost its seriousness in the drama. One of the scenes in the Sampangi Mahal is recreated from the famous horror thriller The Conjuring.

The silly English words of Rahul Rama Krishna, Sri Vishnu’s rap songs, and Priyadarshi’s frustration save many scenes from being left boring. The movie references of Adipurush, Radhe Shyam, and Sri Vishnu’s Salaar dialogue worked well. Sri Vishnu’s scared jokes during his conversation with the ghost came out really well. The climax appears rushed and clumsy.

Overall, Om Bheem Bush has an age-old story and the same-old ghost comedy, but the leading trio’s timing comedy in verbal banter makes it worth watching. The one-liners from the three leading actors saved the movie from routine plot and other drawbacks. It would have been a total bore fare if Sri Vishnu, Rahul Rama Krishna, and Priyadarshi were not there in the leading roles. Om Bheem Bush is an time-pass comedy movie and it is not for the people who don’t enjoy surreal and nonsense comedy movies like Jathi Ratnalu.

Bottom Line: No Logic, Only Trio’s Magic

Rating: 2.75/5