Aavesham Movie Review


Starring: Fahadh Faasil, Mithun, Hipster, Roshan Shanavas, Mansoor Ali Khan, Sajin Gopu, Midhutty and Ashish Vidhyarthi.

Director: Jithu Madhavan

Cinematography: Sameer Tahir

Music: Sushin Shyam

Producers: Fahadh Faasil, Nazriya Nazim, Anwar Rasheed.

Banner: Anwar Rasheed Entertainments, Fahadh Faasil And Friends.

Fahad Fazil is the most happening hero in Malayalam cinema besides Mammootty. After a gap, the actor is here to entertain us in a brand new mass avatar in ‘Aavesham’. The movie was released recently. Let’s see whether it’s an enjoyable affair or not.


The plot deals with three happy-going youngsters Bibi (Mithun Jai Shankar), Aju(Hipster), and Shanthan (Roshan Shahnavaz), who come to Bangalore to pursue engineering and one day, they will be ragged badly by college seniors. The enraged trio befriends local goon, Ranga ( Fahad Fazil) for his support. To find out whether Rangahelped them or not, you should watch the movie on Bigscreen.

Performances :

It was Fahad Fazil’s remarkable show. Man gets a superb makeover in the form of a wacky mass avatar, ‘Ranga’, and he nailed the character like anything. His physical comedy was spot on and his energy was astonishing. His ‘Eda Mowne’ line had theatres in the spell of awe.

The trio of teens were good in their roles. All of them had an individualistic appeal and kept the proceedings afloat.

Sajin Gopu who played Ranga’s Sidekick, ‘Amban’, was amazing. His crazy mannerisms and his puns had the audience choked with laughter.

Technical departments:

The cinematography by Sameer Thahir was Fine. The atmosphere had a lively feel in the way lighting and staging were done. Editing by Vivek Harshan was nice. Especially the way he edited fight sequences was terrific. They enthrall us to the fullest. The movie’s mass vibe was greatly complemented by Sushin Shyam’s energetic songs and score.


Fahad Fazil’s Performance 

Comedy Quotient 

Fight sequences 


1) Dip in comedy in the second half

Writing and Direction :

Jithu Madhavan made an impressive debut with the movie ‘Romanchanam’ last year and he got the success beat right again with ‘Aavesham’. It’s an enjoyable gangster-comedy drama where humor excels utmost.

Though the story is very thin, Jithu made sure the writing around it is packed with enough mass elevations and comedy moments and they captivate us like bursting fireworks.

His direction was fabulous, all the scenes around the trio becoming close to Gangsters came out well.

The movie is thoroughly entertaining in the first half and gets a little serious in the second half, here the humor quotient gets a bit dampened.

The movie’s most thrilling highs are the interval bang and the climax where Jithu surprises everyone with some crazy crow-pleasing bangers.

Verdict: It’s a FaFaa Show and Mass Entertainer.