Raju Yadav Movie Review


2 Hr 1 Mins   |   Love - Drama   |   24/05/2024

Cast - Getup Srinu, Ankitha Kharat, Ananda Chakrapani, Mirchi Hemanth, Jabardasth Sunny, Santosh Kalwacharla

Director - Krishnamachary

Producer - Rajesh Kallepalli, Prashanth Reddy

Banner - Sai Varunivi Creations

Music - Harshavardhan Rameshwar, Suresh Bobbili

Getup Sreenu is a very popular actor on the small screen with his entertaining skits in Jabardasth. He has now become a hero in a film titled Raju Yadav. Krishnamachary directed the film, which has a unique premise. Harshvardhan Rameshwar also directed the film. Read our review here.


The story of Raju Yadav is quite simple. Raju(Getup Sreenu) is hit by a cricket ball which changes his face for life. So, all those who look at Raju get a vibe that he is smiling all the time. Upset with this, Raju approaches a doctor, who suggests surgery. But Raju is poor and cannot afford it. In all this, he also falls in love with Sweety(Ankita Kharat), which makes things even more difficult in his journey. Whether he overcame his problems and got the surgery done is the crux of the film.


Raju Yadav is all about Getup Sreenu’s performance. As he has a smiling disorder, Getup Sreenu has to hold his expression until the end. Playing this role is a very challenging task, and Sreenu does well. But sadly, his role is not properly written, and he has issues with the way he thinks, so he looks outdated a bit. But Getup Sreenu does a decent job in his role. Ananda Chakrapani plays almost the same role in all his films. But he gets a few good scenes to shine. Aniktha Kaharat is strictly okay in the film and could have done better with her facial expressions.

Technical Aspects

Animal fame, Harshvardhan Rameshwar is the music director, but his songs are ordinary. None of them registered with the audience. Suresh Bobbili composed the BGM and it was loud and not appropriate in many areas. The camerawork was decent, and the dialogues in the second half were impressive. Close to ten minutes in the film showcasing a few silly family scenes that should have been chopped off. The writing of Raju Yadav is bland. Apart from the unique point, the rest of the proceedings showcase nothing new.

Thumbs Up

Getup Sreenu’s performance
Basic idea

Thumps Down

Silly Execution


The promos of Raju Yadav caught the imagination, as the best scenes from the film were highlighted in the promos. After watching the film, one can say that apart from the scenes showcased in the promo, only a select few other scenes impress the audience. Firstly, the backdrop of Raju Yadav and the fun he shares with his friends is showcased well. Also, the basic conflict point of wanting to get a facial surgery is also novel. But thereafter, the entire film is a scam.

There is nothing new that the director Krishnamachary showcases here. Most of the scenes make you feel nostalgic as there are so many scenes that have been borrowed from one film or the other. The middle class set up, fighting for survival, the heroine supporting the hero, all these scenes we have been seeing from our childhood onwards.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the consistency of the hero’s character. The director showcases him in one frame of mind in one scene, and his motives change in the other. What he is looking for and what his actual goal is not showcased properly. Only a few scenes, like the turmoil Raju Yadav goes through, make sense in the film.

The hero-father episodes are dull and boring and leave you in bad taste. Also, the audience who come in for Getup Sreenu’s performance will be disappointed big time. If the emotional angle had been elevated well and the narration had been humorous, the output would have been better. But none of that happens as Raju Yadav is a badly written and narrated film that falls in no man’s land.

Bottom Line – A Bad Smile

Rating: 1.75/5