Movie Review: Premalu (Telugu)


153 Mins   |   Love   |   08-03-2024

Cast - Naslen, Mamitha, Althaf Salim, Shyam Mohan, Akhila Bhargavan, Meenakshi Raveendran

Director - Girish AD

Producer - Fahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, Syam Pushkaran

Banner - Bhavana Studios

Music - Vishnu Vijay

Premalu in telugu marks as a debut distribution venture for SS Karthikeya’s Showing Business. After winning hearts with its Malayalm version, let’s checkout what the telugu version is offering.

What Is It About?

Sachin (Naslen), a 24-year-old confused boy like any other boy of that age, goes to Hyderabad for GATE coaching along with his friend Amal Davis, played by Sangeeth Prathap, after his Visa to UK gets rejected. After a series of events happens the meeting with the show runner, Reenu, played by Mamitha Baiju. Will those events turn in favour of Sachin or Reenu or both? You’ve to find out for yourself by watching.


Naslen and Sangeeth Prathap steal the show with their witty performances. Mamitha Baiju makes her character very lovable through her act. Shyam Mohan plays Aadhi and shows his strong support to the film. Remaining characters did their best in their respective roles.


DOP Ajmal Sabu brings an awesome tone in showcasing Hyderabad, where the majority of the film happens. Though we’ve seen Hyderabad in almost every other film, the film looks very fresh in that aspect.. Vishnu Vijay’s background score and songs help a lot in maintaining the smooth flow of the film. He plays a major part in this movie’s tight engagement. The pace is very well maintained in the edit given the importance of editing in comedy films.

Thumbs Up:

Situational Comedy
Relatable Telugu Dialogues

Thumbs Down:

Rushed Climax


After the blockbuster reception of the Malayalam version, it’s a very good idea to bring Premalu to Telugu audiences, as the majority of the film happens in Hyderabad. Credits to the Telugu writer Aditya Hassan, the usage of the latest meme trends and famous movie dialogues of some recent Telugu films made this adaptation very enjoyable and entertaining.

Though these one liners feel repetitive in some places, they work in a majority of the scenes. The Bro-mance between Naslen and Sangeeth Prathap is a treat to watch on the screen. The relatability factor in its writing is what makes this film work for the Telugu audience and the director, Girish AD, succeeds like never before in this aspect. It’s not as easy as it looks to make a film of 153 minutes duration without a single dull moment. The climax of the film feels a bit rushed which should also be attributed to the writing, as we get zero boring moments till that point. On a whole, Premalu is a superb, fun and youthful entertainer where the audience feels the sense of wanting more of it at the end.

Bottom Line: Love. Fun. Premalu.

Rating: 3/5