Animal: Mind-blowing Records On OTT

Animal on OTT is causing a huge stir, surpassing everyone’s expectations. In just three days of being available on Netflix from the 26th, it racked up an incredible 20 million hours of viewing time, setting a new record. The movie also garnered 6 million and 2 lakh views on OTT, a feat no Indian movie has achieved before. Even the previously trending Salaar, which was on top until Animal OTT came along, dropped to third place in Telugu and completely fell out of the top ten in dubbed versions in other languages.

These numbers are officially reported by Netflix. The popularity of Animal seems likely to continue for weeks, with many viewers who missed it in theaters now catching up on smart screens. The ongoing debates, criticisms, and responses to the movie are business as usual, but the director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has chosen not to engage with them.In the midst of Animal Mania, there are fans who noticed Ranbir Kapoor consistently addressing Anil Kapoor as “papa” throughout the film. When a fan created a video showing Ran Vijay saying the word a staggering 196 times, the production house acknowledged it with a tweet. Animal seems poised to outperform RRR, which previously held the highest numbers on Netflix. However, in its first week, Animal Domination is already evident. Expressing the blockbuster success of Animal on OTT is truly beyond words.