OTT Review : Iratta

Director: Rohit M.G. Krishnan
Cast: Joju George, Anjali, Arya Salim, Srikant Murali
Producer: Prassanth, Joju George, Martin, Sijo Vadakkan
Music: Jakes Bejoy
Banner: Appu Pathu Pappu Production House, Martin Prakkat Films
Language: Malayalam
Streaming On : Netflix

Malayalam films have always been narrated in a sensible way. Here is one such film which has become a talking point on social media ever since it started streaming on Netflix. We are talking about Iratta which stars Joju George and has been directed by Rohit Krishnan.


The film starts with the murder of Vinod(Joju George) at a police station. He has been shot three times and three cops who have had a bad past with Vinod become key suspects. If this was not enough, Vinod’s twin brother Pramod enters the scene and joins the investigation team. Who killed Vinod and will his brother Pramod find the culprits, that form the story of Iratta?


Joju George plays the main lead and he is shown in a double role. Though there is no similarity look-wise, Joju makes sure he plays the two characters differently. The screenplay shifts back and forth in time and the naive difference in character are brought out superbly by Joju George. The transformation of Joju from Vinod to Pramod and handling both roles with ease is the best part of the film. Jithu Ashraf who played a pastor deserves a special mention.


Director Rohit Krishnan makes his debut with Iratta and has also penned the storyline. The film starts as an investigative thriller and changes genres later. The writing is impressive and more so the screenplay is amazing as it keeps the audience glued to their seats. Manu Antony’s editing is top-notch and does not bore you with scenes that are not needed. Vijay’s cinematography and the whole thrilling scenario created are good. Jakes Bijoy’s music is good but more effective was his background score which breathes fire into the narration.

What’s Good

Interesting Backdrop
Joju George’s Performance

What’s Bad

Slow pace
Routine scenes in the second half


Director Rohit sets the backdrop of the film in a police station. As the main protagonist dies in the police station and the suspects are three cops, the suspense factor is right away built up in the film without getting delayed. Also, Rohit makes sure that he narrates the twin stories of the brother in a linear screenplay format. The story goes back and forth in time but not once does the audience get confused about what the director is trying to capture.

Right through the narration, there are so many questions that the audience poses for themselves while watching the film which in a way is very good. But the best part of Iratta is the solid climax which leaves the audience on a high once the film is done. The family drama and the climax act by the two brothers have been thought off superbly and all the issues one has about the film goes away. This part is done quite well by the director Rohit Krishnan.

Also, the able performances of the supporting cast are the best part of the film. Actor Joju Joseph has done many cop roles previously but here in Iratta, he is an altogether new actor and this makes the sibling drama a very intriguing watch. The film is set only one day apart and the way things are unleashed on the audience is superb. The deep emotions and the way why the brothers are going through are executed well.

The best part is that the director sticks to the plot and does not waste time. However, the investigation part after a while becomes slow, and the scenes that lead to the climax get boring. Barring this part, Iratta has a unique backdrop, thrill, and a riveting climax making this film worth a watch.

Bottom Line: Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed