#Prabhas20 opening ceremony Pics

Prabhas’s fans were most frustrated when there was not a single update from the producers about #Prabhas20 and they expressed the anguish many a time on UV Creations Twitter timeline.

The pictures had Darling Prabhas, Pooja Hegde, Rajamouli, VV Vinayak, Radha Krishna, Krishnam Raju and UV Producers Vamsi and Pramod.

It looks like the fans are getting at least something, from the director. The pictures of Prabhas20 opening ceremony are released by the director Radha Krishna Kumar on his Social media account, making the fans delighted.

Fans have been asking the producers about the first look or the title announcement atleast. The producers tried to explain they could do nothing during the lockdown time and will come with an update once this is all over, but the teasers and first looks from RRR and Pushpa irked the fans.

For now, Fans are a very happy seeing and sharing the photos of Prabhas 20 opening ceremony and they are expecting the title announcement very soon.