Chandrababu runs organised crime: Vallabhaneni

TDP rebel MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi opined that Chandrababu is responsible for the unrest in the state. Reacting to the attack on TDP office, Vamsi recalled incidents related to NTR, the founder of TDP.

“Who dethroned NTR from the chief minister position? Who was responsible for the slipper attack on NTR at the viceroy hotel? Chandrababu compared Sonia Gandhi and Rahul with demons. Then Amit Shah was attacked at Tirupati. If the series of events are observed, Chandrababu runs organised crime,” said the Gannavaram MLA.

Vallabhaneni added that over the period of time, Chandrababu had committed many crimes and it’s payback time now. “Chandrababu and co recruited 1000 members for social media. People were lured for Pulav packets and fancy salaries and they attack opposition leaders and their families on social media with filthy language,” said Vallabhaneni.

Citing Newton’s third law, Vallabhaneni said there will be a reaction for every action. “This unrest was not created by CM Jagan but it was provoked by Chandrababu through his paid artists. The TDP chief is a cunning fox and having lost power, he is unable to wait for another two years. Chandrababu even failed to make his son a proper politician. Lokesh is unfit in politics and after Chandrababu’s death, he will be confined to sell milk and vegetables,” added Vallabhaneni Vamsi.