Youth Shout ‘Jai Amaravati’ In Rally For 3-Capitals

The Rayalaseema Intellectual Forum and the YCP leaders were in for a shock witnessing youth shouting “Jai Amaravati” in the rally taken out by the Forum in support of three capitals proposed by Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Hundreds of youth, all college-going students, joined the rally and shouted slogans in support of Amaravati. They made it clear that they wanted Amaravati as the only capital for the state.

When asked how did they come to know of the rally, they said that one of their faculty members had informed them of the rally and that they bunked their classes to voice their opinion. The youth said that they wanted only one capital for the state and that it should be Amaravati.

This revelation could have shocked both the Rayalaseema Forum members as well as the YCP leaders, who have been advocating the cause of three capitals on the grounds that it would ensure decentralization of development in the state.

The supporters of Amaravati joining the Intellectual Forum’s rally which was taken out to highlight the need for decentralized development in the state, wherein there are backward regions like North Andhra and Rayalaseema, have attracted the attention of the onlookers in Tirupati.

It is worth noting that the Amaravati farmers’ public meeting was denied permission by the police fearing that it could lead to clashes as the Rayalaseema Intellectual Forum also sought permission for holding a public meeting in Tirupati on December 17. The High Court, however, ordered that Amaravati farmers and the Forum hold their public meetings on different days to avoid likelihood of tension in the temple town.