Jagan Doesn’t Know That He Is Lying: RRR

YCP rebel MP K. Raghu Ramakrishna Raju mocked at Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for claiming that his government had fulfilled 95% of the promises made to the people even while the reality is indicating the opposite.

If Jagan fulfilled the promises, then why would the government employees plan Millennium March and threaten to show their power if the government did not take steps towards scrapping the contributory pension scheme.

The government employees warned the government of taking out the Millennium March in September, if steps were not initiated for cancelling the CPS and restoration of the old pension scheme.

The CM and other elected representatives are temporary employees of the government while those serving the government for 35 years are permanent staff. Does not it sound strange to know that the government (employees) had warned those running the government (elected representatives).

Similarly, Jagan promised to implement prohibition and tried to prove his commitment by getting the belt shops closed, reducing the time of liquor sale, etc. However, after being elected to power, he had taken all measures to ensure that the Rs 6000 crore income being earned by the Beverages Corporation had increased exponentially and reached Rs 24,000 crore. Of this, the government had set aside Rs 8000 crore as special margin and has been trying to pledge this amount for a period of 10 years to get more loans, RRR said.

In such a case, what happened to the promise on prohibition, the MP asked. The Amma Vodi and Jagananna Vasati Deevena schemes are also not being implemented properly. Money deposited into the accounts of the women under Amma Vodi are being drawn back from the bank accounts itself. In the Vasati Deevena, there are students who received only two tranches of the four scheduled in a year, he pointed out.

Like the government employees, if all the people take to the roads for unfulfilled promises, in fact, there will be none in their houses in the entire state except Jagan in his Tadepalli house, RRR said.

Jagan is blatantly telling lies while claiming that had fulfilled many promises made to the people, the YCP rebel MP said.