Keep Calm! Pawan’s Advice To Jana Sena Cadre!

The ruling YSR Congress party is very much aware of the fact that it will have a tough time to deal with Telugu Desam and Jana Sena, if they form an alliance and contest the 2024 elections. In order to keep Jana Sena and Telugu Desam away from each other, YCP is playing political mind games with both the parties.

Both TDP and Jana Sena have no chance of coming to an official decision on the alliances in near future. So in the meantime, efforts are being made to increase the distance between the cadres of the two parties as much as possible and ensure that both parties do not form an alliance.

The other strategy of YCP is to prevent transfer of votes without an environment where TDP and Jana Sena party workers can work together even if the parties unite. Accordingly YCP is hatching sketches to create a rift between TDP and Jana Sena not just on social media but also on the grassroot level. The YCP is trying this with the help of leaders in Jana Sena who have a soft corner for CM Jagan.

Having sensed this ploy of YCP, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has penned an open letter to the party activists and want them to keep their calm. In this letter, Pawan addressed Veera Mahila wing and cadre and suggested that one should not fall into the trap of the opponents. He indirectly countered the YCP saying that some forces are working to divert our attention and pollute the ideology of the Jana Sena party.

In the same letter Pawan also raked up the topic of alliance with Telugu Desam. “Do not believe any report on social media. I will take an appropriate decision that benefits the party,” stated Pawan Kalyan. He advised leaders and activists not to target any opponent leader if he is critical of Jana Sena.

The noteworthy observations in Pawan’s letter imply that he is ready to form an alliance with Telugu Desam and doesn’t want a disturbing atmosphere with the same party. Hence Pawan asked the party leaders to refrain from making any comment against other parties, in the sense, against Telugu Desam.

On Jana Sena corporator allegations that YCP minister Balineni has investments in Mythri Movie Makers production house, Pawan asked leaders to not make any wild allegations. Currently Pawan is doing a film in Mythri Movie Makers banner and is in no mood to have disturbances.