‘NTR Is Hero In Politics, Pawan A Comedy Star’

Ambati rambabu
Ambati rambabu

Pawan Kalyan’s direct attack against CM Jagan at Kakinada meeting has hit the YSRCP leaders very hard. After ex minister Perni Nani showed chappals and given direct warning to Pawan saying, “Makkilu Irugutayi”, it is the turn of Irrigation minister Ambati Rayudu. Ambati has responded to Pawan’s remarks and described him as “comedy star”.

When a reporter questioned Ambati on his shirt colour has striking resemblance with Vaarahi vehicle colour, Ambati was all laughs. He quipped, “This shirt was stitched a year ago. Vaarahi colour was done 3 months ago. You should ask him (Pawan Kalyan) why he opted for my shirt’s colour for Vaarahi.”

Ambati said it is the legendary NTR who proved that a hero on screen could become a hero in politics, he added that Pawan, who is a hero in films, proved that he is a comedy actor in politics. Ambati lashed out at Pawan for uttering lies. Condemning Pawan’s claims that CM Jagan did not fulfill the promises he had made to public, Ambati said 98 percent of the promises made by Jagan in YSRCP election manifesto were fulfilled. Ambati also criticised Pawan that he would never stand by his own words.