YCP To Shell Rs 200 Cr To Defeat Pawan?

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan’s tour in his customized Vaaraahi vehicle is going unprecedentedly. With his ferocious speech and satires, Pawan Kalyan is mercilessly attacking the YCP government and there is always a quick response from the YCP’s side. Now Pawan has alleged that the YCP is going to spend a whopping money to defeat him from wherever he contests.

“I have information from an engineer that the YCP government is going to shell out a huge amount just to defeat me in the election. The amount is Rs 200 crore and where is this much money coming from?” questioned Pawan.

These allegations have turned into a hot debate in the political and media circles. If Pawan’s allegations are true, how will he retaliate the YCP’s political money and mind games? Does Pawan has a plan – B, if YCP calls for early elections, if the Assembly is dissolved immediately?

Political analysts believe that Pawan Kalyan appears to be still clueless about politics. Reaching out to the public is a good thought but Pawan needs in depth analysis how politics and poll politics work. With no strategy in hand, it would be challenging for Pawan to dream of winning the elections besides forming a government.