Allegations On Volunteers: Pawan Did Mistake?

Pawan Kalyan’s shocking comments on grama volunteers have stunned many including many neutral people. The Janasena chief leveled serious allegations that several grama volunteers were allegedly involved in human-trafficking and reason being missing of over 30,000 girls and women in the state.

Pawan stated that a volunteer is appointed for every 50 families and volunteers have access to personal information about every family. Pawan alleged that these volunteers are sharing this personal information to the anti-social elements in society. He went on to state that he is making these allegations based on information from the central agencies. Did Pawan really provide the proofs on his allegations, only future can answer this.

Even though TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu had made allegations against the volunteers, but later her promised that he will continue Volunteer system if TDP back to power, on the other side Pawan made contrasting comments. Never before, such severe allegations were leveled on grama volunteers. Naturally, these remarks of Pawan have created a storm in political circles.

Pawan also received the summons of AP Women Commission over his comments. Commission chairperson Vasireddy Padma demanded an unconditional apology from Pawan Kalyan over his comments. As per stats, there are 2.55 lakh volunteers in AP. Volunteers across the state took to protest against Pawan’s shocking comments. In Vizag, volunteers blocked the highway demanding an apology from Pawan Kalyan.

How would Pawan defend his comments and how would Pawan respond to the summons of AP Women Commission and how Pawan would face the heat of lakhs of volunteers & their families need to be seen.

YSRCP also took Pawan’s allegations quite seriously. So, the consequences would be severe as well. YCP netas may target Pawan personally with severe comments. Looks like Pawan has stirred up a hornet’s nest.