Tammareddy Faults Pawan’s Allegations On Volunteers!

Veteran Tollywood filmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaj lashed out at Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan for his allegations on volunteers. The other day Pawan alleged that the volunteer system has caused human trafficking in AP and added that he received information from intelligence agencies.

Pawan’s allegations invited a huge uproar in the state. Reacting to it, Tammareddy found fault with Pawan. “Volunteers merely get Rs 5000 per month and they do remarkable service for whatever small amount they are able to make. Volunteers system has provided employment to lakhs of unemployed in the state and it was a breather. Instead of appreciating the system, making random allegations and destroying the morale of volunteers is unacceptable,The allegations Made by Pawan are very serious and should have sanity” stated Tammareddy.

“Human trafficking is a more serious issue than money-laundering and financial crimes and if Pawan received information from central intelligence agencies, what are they doing instead of taking appropriate action? The union government sends ED, CBI and IT against their opponents but why not investigate the allegations?” questioned Tammareddy.

The veteran also criticized the YCP government. “The main issue is human trafficking. Both YCP and Jana Sena should seriously resolve the issue rather than indulging in ugly verbal war which is absolutely pointless. Using foul language against Pawan and Jagan will yield no result. It would be better if both parties provide credible information to the authorities on trafficking allegations,” summed up Tammareddy.

The Tollywood filmmaker was spot on in this controversy and he advised that random allegations would do more harm especially to the volunteers and their integrity.