Pawan Shoots Jagan With A Old Video!

Pawan Kalyan has shot 3 questions to AP CM YS Jagan. Amidst growing debate and clamour over grama volunteers collecting private information and data of individuals, Janasena chief is strongly voicing his opinion.

He has been raising serious concerns over misuse of data and also how the information is going into the hands of anti-social elements. CM Jagan himself strongly countered Pawan’s comments against volunteers. Now, Pawan Kalyan has shot a solid 3 questions to CM Jagan and demanded answers. Pawan called Jagan as “my dear Watson” (referring to detective Sherlock Holmes stories).

What’s more? Pawan shared Jagan’s old video in which he himself strongly voiced his opinion against misuse of private information. In the old video, Jagan was seen opposing sharing private information and details to private people. He went on to describe it as a crime and punishable offence citing the Supreme Court’s judgements. Sharing this video of Jagan, Pawan Kalyan asked 3 questions.

“Everyone’s concern is same .. my dear Watson!. Data privacy laws will remain the same,whether you are CM or not. So answer these basic three questions,” wrote Pawan. Pawan Kalyan’s three questions to Jagan are 1) Who’s the Boss of Volunteers? 2) Where are you storing the personal data of People of AP? 3) Who has authorised volunteers to collect people’s personal data, when they are not Govt employees?

Now, the ball is in YSRCP’s court. Will CM Jagan and his ministers respond to Pawan’s 3 basic questions? We have to wait and see. Pawan seems to be not leaving volunteers issue easily.