Right Decision, Right Move At Right Time!

Ever since Janasena President Pawan Kalyan announced that their party has forged an alliance with the Telugu Desam Party to fight their common enemy YS Jagan, and stated that they have declared a civil war on the monarchial governance of the ruling party, there is a widespread talk about.

While 90% of TDP-JSP cadres are happy with the alliance, some are worried about the Kamma-Kaapu domination issues, some are calling Pawan Package Star. Let’s have a look at it.

At a time when the state is going into chaos in the form of poor governance, where lots of freebies top the charts rather than real time employment solutions, where ‘Village Volunteers’ who are inducted with an aim to help the poor are indulging in atrocities, the state needs serious leadership change.

With Chandrababu behind bars and Pawan Kalyan not fully capable enough to contest in all the 160+ seats in Andhra Pradesh, surely this alliance will add ‘power’ to TDP and ‘strength’ to Janasena. That’s why this decision of Janasena and TDP together could be termed as the right decision and the right move at the right time.

On the other hand, YCP keeps on alleging that Pawan Kalyan is a package star and he took the package to join hands with Telugu Desam Party. Well, Lokesh answer it in the recent pressmeet, if the so-called law enforcement agencies can find out and lodge cases on the financial crimes of YS Jagan, can’t they do that to Naidu and Pawan, in case one gave the package to the other?