Voting Trends: Lazy Hyderabad Voter!

The electorate in Hyderabad seems impervious to the raucous campaigns, media uproar, and celebrity appearances. The city’s voters remain stoic and unswayed, regardless of the fervor exhibited by political leaders. Despite the prolonged campaign season that resonated through the streets for approximately 42 days, the voters of Hyderabad maintain a quiet demeanor and lazy, seemingly unmoved by the political fervor.

On Thursday morning, polling centers sprung up along the streets and roads, with accessibility seemingly simplified with a polling center every few steps. However, the voters of Hyderabad appear nonchalant, their silence indicative of a certain disillusionment. While the polling process has gathered momentum across the state, with voters from various regions participating enthusiastically, the response from Hyderabad remains muted.

Even celebrities, often distant from the daily lives of common people, joined the queues to cast their votes. Notably, elderly individuals, persons with disabilities, and patients demonstrated their commitment to the democratic process by actively participating in the election. Despite these instances, the overall voter turnout in Hyderabad, as of noon, stands at a mere 13 percent, contrasting sharply with the average of 35 percent in various districts.

The reluctance of Hyderabad voters to actively engage in the electoral process raises questions about their level of indifference and disillusionment, with comments circulating that changing their mindset may be beyond external influence.