Viral Pic: Revanth Reddy’s Thipparaa Meesam Moment

Telangana Congress has finally reaped the benefit for giving statehood to Telangana as the party is being catapulted to power with a comfortable majority. Telangana DGP Anjani Kumar has already met the TPCC chief and the favorite for the chief ministerial post in the Congress regime, Revanth Reddy. This cements Congress government-forming position in the Telangana election.

In view of Congress’s triumphant run in the Telangana election, a file picture of Revanth Reddy is going viral. This pic was taken when Revanth was jailed in the cash-for-vote case in 2015.

Back then, Revanth twirled his mustache and vowed to give a fitting return gift to the chief minister, KCR one day. This was instigated further when Revanth was given just 12 hours bail to attend the engagement of his daughter. He had to hurry through the wedding festivities of his own daughter due to the shrewd bail restriction placed on him that day.

This incident poured gasoline on Revanth’s fire and he then started to weave a political campaign with Congress so very strongly that he is leading the party to power now after being in a hopeless position in 2018.

Revanth brought together all the different camps in Telangana Congress after becoming the TPCC chief and waged a do-or-die battle against KCR. Today, he is getting the benefits for all the hard work and should now be raring to give the return gift to KCR, as he had promised earlier.