Meet The Man Who Defeated Revanth Reddy, KCR

We don’t often see an outgoing CM and an incoming CM contesting from the same constituency. But in Telangana, we have seen something even more shocking.

The election race in Kamareddy entirely revolved around Revanth Reddy and KCR who were contesting from here. BJP’s Katipally Venkata Ramana Reddy was not even in the frame here.

However, Ramana Reddy threw a deadly curveball as he defeated both KCR and Revanth Reddy in Kamareddy. He has defeated both the outgoing CM and the probable incoming CM: KCR and Revanth respectively in a single shot. He will now enter the record books as something like this might never happen again.

Ramana Reddy won against two heavyweights in the election and this will easily be the most sensational assembly constituency win in this year’s election. It wasn’t like Ramana Reddy won narrowly either. He reportedly won by around 6000 votes. He was trailing behind Revanth for the first few rounds before gaining the lead and building on it towards the end.