1 Photo With Revanth Reddy: Actress’ Daughter Trolled Badly

Right before the Telangana election, BRS led a whirlwind social media campaign. Several Telugu character artists and TV personalities were sharing BRS song campaign reels on social media. The daughter of Telugu actress Surekha Vani, Supritha also did the same but she ended up facing intense criticism and trolls to the point where she turned emotional and said her mental health is getting affected.

Earlier, Supritha quickly deleted the social media posts related to BRS(her dancing to BRS’s Gulabila Jendale song and a couple of other posts) and uploaded a photo of herself and her mother Surekha with Revanth Reddy, where she congratulated Telangana Congress chief. This was right after BRS lost to Congress in the Telangana election.

But social media users were having none of it and they started to torment Supritha by saying she is an opportunistic person for bringing down BRS posts and quickly changing sides to Revanth Reddy after Congress came to power. She was wildly trolled on social media and there were several memes as well.

The young lady has now reacted to social media trolls and torment as she wrote “What did I do to you guys to be hated this much over a political situation. Do you know how much this affects my mental health? I was just wishing the new CM in my post.”

Well, it is common for political parties to hire social media influencers before the election and the case of Supritha and her BRS posts could imply the same thing. Trolling and tormenting her so much for it might not be a wise thing, but again, social media is a hostile place and things like these are very common. Other actors like Shivjyothi and Ashu Reddy who also shared BRS posts earlier are also getting trolled now.