I’m Not Abhimanyudu, I’m Arjuna, Jagan Says At Siddham Meeting

AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy has started YCP’s election campaign with the “Siddham” event in Bheemili today. He addressed the huge public gathering at the event and earmarked the occasion to fire on Chandra Babu and Pawan Kalyan.

“Chandra Babu is 75 years old and he is not equipped to take on YSR Congress on his own so he brought Dattaputrudu(referring to Pawan Kalyan) with him. He is trying to create a Padmavyuham with his army of deceivers, but I am not Abhimanyudu to bow to their tactics, I am Arjunudu” CM Jagan said. He expressed his confidence in retaining power as feels the AP public will acknowledge his good work over the last 5 years.

Jagan stressed on his “Why not 175” notion again and said Chandra Babu himself, along with the rest of his MLA candidates would lose the election. He asked YCP activists to work towards sweeping all 175 constituencies.

About his manifesto, Jagan said he is proud to have fulfilled 90% of the manifesto promises in the last 5 years. He believes he has done enough to leave “Jagan Mark” among the public and asked YCP local leadership to go into public and work towards retaining power. Jagan said the next 70 days will replicate war-like situation between YCP and the opposition parties.