After 4 Years Battle, RRR Quits

Rebellious MP from Narsapuram, Raghu Rama Krishna Raju firmly stood against his own YSR Congress for the last 4 years. After critiquing the political system and anti-Amaravati mandate of the Jagan government for the said period, Raghu Rama has decided to hang up the boots at YCP. 

Raghu Rama wrote a gutsy letter to Jagan on the occasion of him leaving YSRC as he pointed out the ‘Mohammed Gajni’ efforts to push him out of the party. 

Your multiple and steady efforts like Mohammad Gajni to get me disqualified from my Parliamentary Membership haven’t yielded till date your desired result, RRR wrote in the resignation letter that is addressed to Jagan himself. 

The rebellious MP said the time has come for him to come face to face with Jagan’s party as the elections are fast approaching. As the time has come for all of us to face the Public Probity and mandate it will free both of us from this unsavory association once for all, he wrote. 

Raghu Rama’s letter comes hours before the rumoured first list of candidates from the TDP-Janasena alliance comes out. Last night, he announced that he will be contesting on behalf of the alliance.

Narsapuram Lok Sabha elections will be keenly observed by everyone in this year’s electoral poll as RRR and Jagan’s party will be doing everything in their power to see each other’s defeat.